Use Blueway infrastructure in PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service) mode: an integration platform with single monthly payment.

Access to Blueway services does not require implementation of a dedicated architecture within your ecosystem. This allows you to limit investment in licenses and gives access to a turnkey service integratingservers, licenses, maintenance and associated TPA. In this context, costs are no longer linked to acquired modules or developments made but adjusted to the number of processes you want to entrust to us.

You can also opt for a mixed mode, assigning us only part of your integration (Blueway Process Studio, M2M, EDI, rules engine…) and keep as “corporate license” the rest of your urbanization. When implementing your flows, you can choose between a dedicated or pooled technical and software infrastructure. For economic reasons, you can choose to work in SaaS mode, meaning that your business processes can run simultaneously on a shared environment with processes belonging to other customers. Of course, we guarantee confidentiality and security of data flows entrusted to us and each client can only access its urbanization and ecosystem through digital certificates eliminating any risk of dissemination of information to unauthorized persons.

PaaS mode gives you access to non-tenant architecture: virtual machines, Blueway application servers are dedicated, not shared. Costs incurred exceed SaaS as we administer a specific environment for your business only, but this can allow you to meet legal or internal requirements.