Information systems are increasingly rich, complex and heterogeneous. Data come from multiple sources (e-commerce, POS, CRM, Accounting …) and it is often difficult to determine which one is the most reliable or the last updated in the company. To fight against this scourge, a central repository containing all IS data is a solution.

Until now, central data repository related to these activity sectors with specific legislation requiring them to store elements for data qualityand traceability.

Today, companies of all sizes, in all sectors need to manage these issues without having the necessary human and financial resources to ensure success of their project.

Blueway help them with a flexible, ergonomic and above all pragmatic tool. Without any line of code to write and a straight forward setup, build your central repository that will become your unique source of data.

Blueway repository is stored in a database that can be, upon customer’s choice, MySQL or SQLServer. It centralizes all cross components of the system:

Blueway MDM
  • Access to environments (Development, Pre-Production, …)
  • Applications and servers management
  • Clearance and access management
  • Data Management and associated rules
  • Access to directories
  • Access to business applications and connectors.
  • Declaration of event-elements (triggers)
  • Project Management
  • Application mapping and impact analysis,
  • Documentation, management of revisions and versions ….

This platform base module is built on the main data transport layer of the solution: Blueway ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). ESB standardizes all exchanges supported by Blueway platform.