Blueway integrates a rules engine to handle complex issues and allow business users to transform their business rules into computerized processing (import from Excel or direct input in a GUI).

Rules engine

To deal with sound issues, BlueWay offers the use of a particularly powerful rules engine that will support increasing levels of complexity.

Blueway rules engine is particularly powerful to support increasingly complex levels.

A first level, totally intuitive and graphical, allows you to define rules for selecting information, sorting, controls or chaining based on facts and dynamic routing within BPM. They reflect events and endogenous or exogenous factors.

A second level provides more comprehensive but often more complex deployment of these business rules. This instantiation can solve problems that require the implementation of models made with a large number of elements and/or undergoing many changes or complex rules hierarchies as well as NP or KPissues…

The rules modeled in the engine are accessible through WebServices.