Process optimisation

Businesses today need solutions to optimize and industrialize their business processes to improve their performance.¬†Among Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies, some complex approaches require to start with a systematic redesign of business processes. BlueWay opted for a more pragmatic vision formalized in the functions of its platform: the “bottom-up” approach, ie¬†optimization of existing¬†without questioning on your organization. “top-down” approach). All computer automation made with Blueway will be reused and realigned with your new organization.

Optimization of business processes does not always mean their redesign. In the field of BPM (Business Process Management), two methodologies are opposed; a bottom-up and a top-down approach involving a more or less heavy adaptation of your business processes. No sweat! If BPM Studio allows you to access a top-down approach, the approach to optimize the existing is also taken into account by the BPM module of our platform. Again, we do not oppose the two approaches but offer modules that allow you to integrate these methodologies over your needs and your constraints.

The Business Process Management (BPM) module is one of the cornerstones of our software suite. Without questioning the existing, it automates the sequence of tasks and treatments, whilst opportunistically allowing users to access on their desktop through widgets, SMS or Mail to relevant information, timely.


Optimize your processes
Thus, “pushing” right information to people, synthesizing data to be handled, ensuring that validations take place in due time are parameters that you can consider with BlueWay.

Dynamic routing and flow monitoring features can be instantiated according to rules ensuring distribution of information and alerts to target users. Total traceability of exchanges allows anytime tracing the path taken by an item inside a business process.

Other tools provide better governance of your exchanges. Blueway Rules, rules engine and Blueway MDM are real accelerators to your business processes.