Business processes can be more or less complex, involve various actors and services, be subject to stringent regulations or not … However, their description, questioning and reorientation are topics that are always a touchy exercise greatly facilitated by the use of a modeling tool.

Demo video

BPM Studio is the latest module developed by Blueway whose purpose is to model business processes by facilitating communication and collaboration between functional (business) and technical (IT) people.

Businesses will be able to define roles, actors, steps, process options and their combination in a general or sub-process.

“Technical” users will define mechanisms orchestrating data flow.

All these descriptions are performed in a single intuitive and ergonomic interface. Metrics and indicators give each population a level of completion of the project.


Process modeling

After this task, the Blueway Process Studio platform allows you to:

  • edit a statement of requirements (specifications) that you can amend and supplement
  • automatically generate this project in the flow design workshop (Blueway Process Integration) which will  initialize target processes, flows, screens and documents

These elements provide a standardized framework to development teams whose mission will be to finalize the alignment of treatments with statement of requirements.