Blueway V5.5 platform is one of the most comprehensive integration and BPM platforms on the market. Because each project is different, Blueway differentiates by offering the best solutions combined in a modular suite. Blueway purpose is to enable you to model your business processes, automate and ensure administration, operation and optimization of their progress. Featuring ready-to-use modules and many business connectors (SAP, M3, X3, Nav, Cegid, Siebel, Pivotal, Klee …), Blueway platform is the ideal solution for data manipulation and presentation, inter-application exchanges within the company (ERP, CRM, Quality …), as with partners (e-Business, e-SCM, EDI, Portal, …).

Blueway BPM Platform

Blueway offers a responsive and scalable ideal tool to reorient an information system in very short time. You optimize your business processes and their automation through specialized modules: Mashup (Full-Web screens), BPM (Business Process Management) or through a workflow engine orchestrating collaborative work without redesign or questioning the information system or organization.Modules composing the platform can be integrated according to the needs and specifics of your project. All modules are orchestrated around a bus providing easy access to common platform repository and technical layers. In addition, modules share common ergonomic principles to facilitate use. Blueway platform being web-based, each module is accessed through a browser without any installation on client workstation. You can access Blueway from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

BAM module guarantees 360° real-time view of processes runoff, waiting time, functional or technical problems encountered. With a wide range of monitoring tools, you receive real-time alerts, place probes on your critical processes to track performance indicators and simulate different scenario to process an alert.

You build your Blueway platform all along your projects life with modular licenses and a wide range of available options. Blueway licenses do not limit the number of flows and processes you implement. Similarly, there are no limitations on the number of data sources, users and external parties you want to communicate with. This license mode is a guarantee to our customers for flexible projects and controlled budgets with no additional cost.