Blueway mobile

Legacy Information Systems have been built around ERP, CRM, SCM… to handle internal business issues while EDI, e-Commerce, e-Administration… tools took charge of exchanges with third parties.

Today, technological and ergonomic advances of mobile terminals induce new needs to be supported.The integration of mobiles and touch pads at the heart of business processes becomes inevitable. To meet the functional requirements and technical constraints that these devices generate, it is strategic to rely on an equipped process.
Blueway mobile

Mobility module of our Blueway Suite can manage handheld devices (Tablets, Smartphones) offline or online. It ensures kick development of applications aimed at salesforce, service, maintenance … teams, without producing a single line of code, by a single drag and drop of scenario into a fully graphical editor.

A set of pre-configured components such as calendars, maps, geo-location, forms, barcodes, images or attachments management can quickly and easily create applications that meet your business challenges.

A process will thus easily integrate validation, data entry or control phases carried out on tablets or smartphones, offering the user a large dissemination.

Exchange between mobile terminals and back-office tools are facilitated by advanced replication and synchronization of data offered by our platform. Access security, user authentication, update of mobile applications is also supported through protocols and certificates integrated in BlueWay…