Master Data Management

Today, companies of all sizes in all sectors should pay special attention to the quality, validity and traceability of their data and associated processes.

Master Data Management (MDM) projects affect these specific needs dictated by internal or external demands that can be classified into 3 categories:

  • Improved data quality
  • Sharing of these data in a single repository
  • Traceability of data changes and reconstruction of a repository to date

Blueway MDM module equips and accompanies this approach, making it agile and easier to implement. Our approach is simple and practical for rapid instantiation. Your business rules can be applied to any data “support” : you define attributes and screens associated with each data to monitor, validate, transform, or ensure traceability.

Blueway MDM

You control data through rules (field structure, length, mandatory nature, and validation formula for IBAN or NIC code, existence of the code in a table…). Changes can be tracked and stored in the repository and for performance reasons, you can activate the rules engine whenever you want.

Access to the repository is simplified by automatic generation of Web Services providing access to different modes: “read”, “add”, “change” or “delete”, but also to all MDM data through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compliant with safety rules of access to information.

With Blueway platform tools, you validate the chosen model, check data flow and restore a repository to date. Series of screens and statistics give you access to information repository and related data quality errors.