With more than 20% revenue reinvested in research and development, our priority is to provide  increasingly efficient and innovative software. Being very responsive to Blueway solution users, our customers’ needs are always considered for platform evolutions.

Service quality is essential to us, particularly for support where we focus to meet our contractual answer deadlines (proof being that there is no online community where users solve problems of other users). Our one-stop point for reporting problems and/or application upgrade requests offers a premium level of service, be you a certified integrator or Blueway customer.

Our maintenance contracts support the software platform and guarantee its operational maintenance, delivery of functional enhancement, minor and major fixes or patches.


Our Third Party Maintenance contracts support developments made under your contract, including:

  • Operational maintenance of developments made by our teams
  • Slight adaptation of flows to match changes in source and target applications
  • Platform monitoring on a regular basis to carry out preventive maintenance actions (purge trace files, archiving, …)
  • Reinstallation of servers and databases in case of system crash
  • Backup restore in case of improper handling by users (eg record deletion)

Depending on your needs, two types of support are available.

Our Hotline offers support whenever requested from 9 am – 18 pm, Monday through Friday. Larger timeframes are available upon request (24/24, 7/7).