Enrich, orchestrate and optimize business processes

Describe, automate and optimize your processes, integrate your business rules, along with data entry spaces for your users or partners, make your organization agile are all features and services offered by our Blueway suite.


Flows orchestration

Animate your sequences with a simple drag and drop, describe your target processes, manage authorizations, roles (subrogation, escalation …), dynamic routing rules…

This module ensures compliance with business rules within processes (management sequences, rules and alerts on routing information) and also the planning of launches. Platform application bus brings together SOA strategies and non-service-oriented objects within a single treatment.

Advanced Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities allow you to graphically manage complex sequences based on predefined business rules or dynamic rules. Alerts can be set up on queues management, process monitoring allows information tracking and search screens allow you to trace the flow of an event, validation steps and traceability of persons responsible for management.

The Scheduler supports task planning, BPM and restarts of the various components of your information system. A diary tracks schedules, their efficiency and proper operation.