Flows Monitoring Blueway

Whether you are part of IT operation, business or management teams, needs for supervision, administration and feedback on your target processes now become essential to ensure achievement of service levels expected by your customers.

To produce more, faster and make your business even more agile and responsive, you need a clear view on the operation of orchestrations you have in charge. You must be informed in real time of failures, queues or modification of means of production,in short, risks of not achieving your business key indicators.


Blueway Process Intelligence

From simple platform monitoring providing a view of technical problems on the platform, to Business Activity Monitoring offering real transparency on the progress of your business activities, through Process Intelligence allowing you to optimize, simulate and anticipate changes in your organization, Blueway offers ready-to-use modules giving you full transparency on organizations you manage. Fully equipped and having a perfect view of your processes, you make the right decisions at the right time.