An application change, an upgrade or add-on often generate very thankless work to ensure data transfer or migration.

Management of static data (items, customers, suppliers, BOMs) and live data (orders, production orders, production monitoring…) without opposing, require different approaches to best address their specific needs.

Use of ETL, EAI modules, MDM module that addresses data quality and completeness, a BUS which guarantees exchanges and their persistence, are factors to facilitate these implementations.

Blueway Data Recovery

Static data migration is often a batch process which main difficulties can be summarized as follows:

  • Mapping, aggregation and formatting of data to be transferred
  • Transcoding management and implementation
    of transformation rules
  • Processing of potentially significant volumes
  • Management of rejections and data quality control

These issues are part of the ETL Module which, besides volumetric aspects, supports all transcoding, processing and rejects notions. These operations can also be made from EAI workflow especially when the transformation rules are complex. The different phases can be chained in WorkFlows and lead to checking, validations and modifications within screens implemented in the “Mashup” module.

Live data transfer presents up front the same level of difficulties as those encountered with static data transfer. A further important issue that should not be minimized comes from on-going evolution of data.

Typically, the process must be done in “one-off” mode under penalty of non completeness and migration must be carried out in stop phases of source system (evening or weekend in the best case). Implementation of Blueway eases and even removes this constraint. The ability of the platform to perform real-time data updates with, if necessary, a desynchronization between source and target among other things allows putting updates on hold at any time without losing any newly recorded or updated information in the source system.

These implementations are facilitated by application connectors built in our platform, addressing large market software (Siebel, SAP, Axapta, Baan ERP, Sage X3…)