Data Manipulation Blueway

This module allows users to generate scenarios for data exchange and processing, regardless of  source and target volumes (ETL / EAI). EDI in our solution manages exchange standard (EDIFACT, Edipharm, Inovert, Gallia, HL7, …).

Scenarios are created from a set of drag-and-dropped instructions in a tree allowing description of all processes and their sequence

Mashup module  allows you to define screen with the mouse, without a single line to code. Forms, tables, graphs … can be assembled and used in a full web environment, using any browser on your PC, iPhone or PDA … The screens can be localized according to user’s language.

Business Process Management (BPM) is used to treat business processes and logics, allowing synchronization and orchestration of flows (EAI / ETL), WebServices (in or out the platform) and screens.

Dynamic routing along with flow monitoring can be instantiated according to rules ensuring distribution of information and alerts to target users.

Blueway natively integrates an application bus ensuring security of your exchanges as well as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that guarantees the reuse of all your developments.