Cross-application exchanges

Exchanges between your applications are more often “spaghetti syndrome” driven than structured and ordered. The increasing criticality requires you to do wonder to achieve the quality of service expected by your businesses … it’s time to tool your approach.

  • Access to a workshop to¬†manage scenarios¬†through a full Web, simple, pragmatic and effective GUI
  • Technical sockets¬†(all databases, flat files and XML, email, FTP, sFTP, EDI, LDAP,WebService …)¬†and application connectors for large market solutions¬†(AX, Cegid, Movex, Oracle Applications, Pivotal, SAP, Selligent, Siebel, X3…)
  • Unit¬†and¬†full testing¬†tools without having to build complete sets of tests
  • Native integration of an application¬†bus¬†that guarantees structured and secured exchange management
  • An integrated¬†monitoring¬†providing a 360 ¬į view on your processes along with tools enabling proactivity for your service department
  • Tools for¬†impact analysis¬†and¬†refactoring¬†that will help you quickly and easily realign your exchanges accordingly with business demands (change or upgrade of application bricks, legal or industrial constraints…)

More than¬†140 customers¬†are using our¬†platform, generating tens of thousands flows daily draining millions of¬†information¬†in domains such as industry, health services, administration, pharmaceutical, food…