Communicate with others

The automation of communication with your IT partner is a real performance gain. Blueway brings you solutions to equip and industrialize your external exchanges based on EDI, WebEDI or through portals (customers, suppliers…).

Blueway features an EDI connector that allows you to interact with others in a standardized way for expected trade formats (Edifact, Edipharm, Inovert, Galia, HL7 …). Advanced features will translate each of these messages through XML pivots that ensure ease of communication management (formatting, validation of transmitted information, messages completeness and adaptation to specific client needs…)

The transport layer can be AS1, AS2 or AS3 based on your partners’ standards, encapsulating exchanges with a high level of security.

If you want to offer your partners structured exchanges in a more flexible way, WebEDI or exchanges through a portal are relevant alternatives.

  • Management of data exchange portal
  • Provision of WebServices
  • Business connectors
  • Flat files or XML
  • URL for partners to open an input screen,
  • Portal connectors to retrieve information on an extranet.