Why Cloud?

visuel_blueway_v5_5_anglaisApplications criticality and highly cyclical response requirements in constraint time force you to choose between overlooking your SLAs or implement an infrastructure seized to meet your activity pikes. Even if some points of vigilance must be validated before any decision: location of assigned data, access to infrastructure, access security, legal constraints… Cloud will offer hardware and software bases seized to your service commitments without implementing oversized infrastructure.

Secured accesses, data and processes are fully guaranteed and risks linked to outsourcing part of the information system are much lower than those in in-house architectures.

Why instantiating Blueway in the Cloud

Blueway is based on cutting edge architecture with SaaS or PaaS offers. This ability is linked to our technical platform allowing access to all platform elements from any web browser, providing secure access through logical or physical certificates, along with J2EE architecture allowing pooled services for multiple clients while ensuring complete confidentiality of their data and processes (multi-parts).

Add that our applications work on any type of device¬†(PC, smartphone, tablet)¬†and on any network¬†(LAN, WAN…)¬†and of course without any limitation.

For our customers, we have access to infrastructures offering high availability of service, reaching SLAs of 99.95% (higher than noticed at most of our customers), with a guaranteed data storage and treatment in France. The access authentication can be enhanced through soft certificates (PKI) or hardware (USB). Depending on your business specifics, we can also provide infrastructure to meet strong constraints such as those imposed by the Health domain (SAS 70 type 2 for example).