“The success of a project is determined by the implementation of an organization and strategies contributing to the achievement of objectives. This is why we developed a methodological base allowing to master each phase, from strategy definition (feasibility, architectural choices, reusability of components, ease of use and agility of target system …) to solution delivery (proof of concept, solutions development and maintenance in operational condition …). “

Coming from  both ERP and Consulting domains, our experts are familiar with business world. Therefore, their skills are not limited only to “information technology”, but also involve a true understanding of your business issues.

BPM Methodology


Our methodology is built on our industry expertise and is nourished by many implementations we did. This lived understanding of your problems gives you access to a project management based on a comprehensive, pragmatic and agile methodology ensuring:




  • Practical and « close to grass» approach avoiding tunnel effect
  • Ability to provide realistic ideas with implementation assurance in foreseeable time
  • Assessment of your business processes and their optimization without systematic overhaul of the existing
  • Assessment of costs and expected ROI


Depending on your needs, two types of assistance are available.

The “Escort” support

  • Full skill transfer
  • timely support from the publisher and/or the integrator for interfaces development, testing and implementation phases

The “Master builder” support

  • Joint preparation of specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Operation start

For each delivered project, during deliverables acceptance phase, the consultant provides skill transfer to customer’s Blueway specialist. Flows are delivered with documentation according to customer standards, along with technical procedures for installation and operation. This methodology can be complemented by subscription to service contracts offering personalized support.