Since our creation, customer satisfaction and the provision of practical, reliable and responsive tools have always been at the heart of our concerns. Being on the Information Systems urbanization market for over ten years, Blueway is now the editor of a simple and effective integration platform. Our mission is to meet your business challenges in modeling and automating your processes while ensuring administration, operation and optimization of their progress.

With over 20% revenue reinvested in research and development, our priority is to provide ever more efficient software intended for operational departments. Thus, a major and a minor version are distributed annually incorporating changes building key success factors for our platform:

  • A simple and pragmatic tool with significant ROI.
  • A platform addressing today and future technologies without sacrificing functional and technical completeness.
  • A platform constantly supplemented by modules to manage and treat all cross- application flows for users and partners.
  • The consolidation of our experience with our target market (SMEs / SMIs, subsidiaries of major accounts).

Blueway Customers

Although fully an editor, our “Alliance” program has also fostered relays with integrators recognized and affirmed in France and abroad. In the short term, our plan is to expand our international network, especially on Italian and Spanish markets.

We today count more than 140 client companies in all activity sectors (food, medical services, energy, automotive, pharmaceutical, administration…) in companies of all sizes, enabling us to have a broad culture.

Blueway, as well as its distribution and integration network, have significant expertise in the management of IS urbanization projects involving heterogeneous exchange structures, making communicate large software on the market with proprietary applications in specific environments.