A complete BPM suite for IT managers

Alexander is the IT manager of a pharmaceutical organization. He is responsible of data from trades, which are subject to many standards. The complexity of this matter is mainly linked to the heterogeneous structure of the information system: many technologies made of old and new systems, several software packages such as ERP, CRM, WMS, or LIMS and few applications specifically developed for the organization.

With Blueway, Alexander keeps hold of the information system and makes it consistent, reliable and efficient, without having to question the current architecture. Blueway platform’s large choice of connectors, enables internal and external exchanges between heterogeneous applications. Compliance with all standards is automated with the orchestration of different processes. Data quality is ensured through a single repository. In addition to Blueway reliability and its many integration functions (ESB, EDI, EAI, ETL, MDM, BAM, Mashup), Alexander likes the agility of its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Beyond integration, Alexander has also benefited from a better cooperation with the other departments of his company. Indeed, business managers are now using Blueway Process Studio to model their processes in an intuitive interface. Alexander then completes their modeling and automatically generates specifications to be implemented by his team or by Blueway integrators. This collaboration has improved the definition of processes which is now more accurate and complete; it also has significantly reduced errors and generated a real time saver.