A complete BPM suite for directors

Philip manages a subsidiary of a large industrial group. In a constantly changing economy, he must be able to adapt and optimize the existing structures of his business: activity diversification, reorganization, process rationalization … To carry out these adjustments, Philip encounters significant obstacles limiting the scope of their profits.

First, the lack of communication between integrated management solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM) and other software, isolates work processes and hinders new interactions between services. Secondly, there is a lack of visibility into the performance of existing processes for the entire subsidiary. Philip wants to supervise the main processes of his organization and optimize them continuously to achieve business excellence and has chosen Blueway solutions.

In Blueway Process Studio’s intuitive interface, business and IT managers work collaboratively on processes modeling. Philip uses the Blueway Process Intelligence application to get a better vision of the subsidiary operations. The application is set for him, so he can control business operations through real-time alerts and monitor his processes performance indicators. When an abnormality appears, Philip can simulate resolution scenarios before proceeding to changes.

Observation of processes execution, mixed with an extensive business approach, allows him to analyze the contribution of each unit to the subsidiary business objectives. Optimization of processes performance has had a measurable impact in the first year, with a significant increase in the company profits. With Blueway, Philip finally has all the tools in hand to control his subsidiary.