ClaireClair is in charge of orders consolidation for a subcontracting company in aeronautics. Each week, she logs into contractors websites such as SNECMA, GE, Messier-Bugatti to consolidate new data with those already collected, but not without checking first, for each order, if their items are available for delivery with in. Until recently, this task was taking almost all her entire time, because after collecting data in different formats (Excel, screenshots, rekeying information ….), she had to compare them with the previous period book, and make changes in the company ERP software, opened order by opened order.

Today with Blueway, collecting and formatting data, comparing them in the ERP software, and presenting them in clear and practical screens, is very quick for Clair who can update open orders in one click. She can now use her time to complete more relevant tasks for the company.

The return on investment was measured in less than a year. Beyond a measurable gain, quality of service and traceability have allowed the company to adapt more easily to changes and to be more proactive.